About Me

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Early Days

Car meets, snowboard videos, and whatever other shenanigans were going on around the neighborhood.

Film School

I attended Grand Valley State University where I received my bachelors degree in Film and Video.


When I'm not in front of the camera, you can find me behind the lens working on video projects.

The Green Screen Story

I first had the idea for the green screen when I struggled to make it home before having an online college class. I would set my laptop on the dash, turn off video, mute my mic and hope that I didn't get called on. That inspired the original video skit.

After the success of that video, the ideas started flowing for where to take a zoom call from. Next up was the boat, then the dirt bike jump and the rest was history.

I've had amazing opportunities to take zoom calls all around the country. Only place to go now is the moon.

Get in Touch

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